No hormones, no antibiotics, and fed an all-natural vegitarian diet.

Fresh Seafood arrives every Tuesday and Thursday!  Ask about ordering your favorite seafood today!

Have us do the smokin' for you! Ribs, chicken, pork, or seafood... We've got you covered!

Hand-made brats & sausages from sweet to spicy!  Made locally in Illinois by...

The perfect complement to any main dish!

Different flavors for every occasion!

Cut fresh in house!  Our beef contains no artificial flavoring, coloring ingredient, chemical preservative, or any other artificial or...

We feature Locally Raised and Processed Pork Products from Rantoul Food, Inc.! Stop in and check out our hand cut pork chops and in-house...

Cut The Way You Want It



We carry Big Green Egg and Smokin' Brothers


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Remember back in the time when the family gathered for those special occasions? Everyone was seated around the long dinner table, and they would reminisce about those good ole' days from long ago. The table would be covered with the best linen, china, silver and fresh flowers served as the centerpiece. And the Food! - Who could forget the food? An endless supply of savory roasts, mashed potatoes, steaming vegetables, colorful fruit pies, cakes and endless supplies of coffee and iced tea. How fortunate we are to live in the Midwest where some of the best things in life are grown.

Smile Politely Review

Thank you to Smile Politely for the kind words!  Come check out in person what Smile Politely can't get enough of! 

Fresh Free Range Turkeys

We are proud of our private label free-range young turkeys. The Amish have a tradition of raising turkeys the natural way – all vegetarian diet, free range and no antibiotics. The result is a fresh turkey like no other. It’s all natural, just like Mother Nature intended. This year, serve the same turkey that the Amish have served for generations. All of our Amish Country Kitchens Fresh Turkeys are raised free-range on the great plains of Illinois in the Amish tradition. Great pride and care have been taken in the raising of these turkeys.

Marinated Chicken Breasts

Using the chicken breasts from George’s, our boneless, skinless chicken breasts are placed in a vacuum-sealed bin and tumbled to infuse the flavor of the marinade. Every day, we feature the following marinades: Herb & Garlic, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Butter, Texas Tumbler, Santa Cruz with Lime, Sherrywine Teriyaki, Mesquite, Tomato Basil, and Cajun. 


At George’s, Inc., their people set the standard by providing consistent quality poultry products worldwide everyday. Their mission is to satisfy customers with consistent quality poultry products and service. The George’s story begins in the late 1920’s. The first George family business in Northwest Arkansas was a general store founded by C.L. George in the Brush Creek area, located just west of Springdale, Arkansas. Later C.L. moved the George family into Springdale and began operating the Farmer’s Produce Company.

Fresh Seafood

We recieve fresh shipments of our seafood on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Our flagship product is Faroe Island Salmon. Considered to be some of the best salmon in the word, we provide close to 100 lbs. a week to our customers, with popularity growing weekly!  Through our Peoria-based seafood partner, Dixon's Fisheries, Inc., we are able to order specific items for our customers.  Call or e-mail us for our featured selection of fresh seafood.

Choice Cuts - Beef

USDA Choice grade will be given to meat that comes from very young beef with moderate marbling, but not as much marbling as meat that has been graded prime.